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Manitouwabing Lake - (McKellar)

Manitouwabing Lake Size (median 84 ha)1178 ha (2911 Acres)
Manitouwabing Lake max Depth33 m (108 ft)
Manitouwabing Lake median Depth5.60 m (18 ft)
Manitouwabing Lake Perimeter117.00 km (72.7 Miles)
Manitouwabing Lake Island/s Perimeter20.10 km (12.49 Miles)
Manitouwabing Lake Altitude (median 290 m)245 m (804 ft)
Manitouwabing Lake is in the District ofParry Sound
Manitouwabing Lake is in the Municipality ofMcKellar
Manitouwabing Lake is in the Township ofMcKellar
Drainage BasinSeguin River
Watershed Area feeding the Lake (excluding lake)400.0 km2 (98842 acres)
Water Clarity (median 3.20 m)2.40 m (8ft)
Percentage of Shoreline which is Crown Land5 %
Shoreline DevelopmentHigh; Urban, Commercial, Shoreline residential
Public Access to Manitouwabing LakePublic; Boat Launch (4), Highway 124, Lakeshore Road,Lakeside Cres, Centre Road (Fire Route 200)
Water Level ManagementRegulated; dam is owned and operated by Parry Sound Power Gen.Flows and levels are managed in accordance with Seguin River Water Management Plan
Major Fish Species in Manitouwabing LakeLargemouth Bass (I), Smallmouth Bass (I), Walleye (I),Northern Pike, Black Crappie (I 2005
Other Fish Species in Manitouwabing LakeLake Whitefish, Black Crappie, Creek Chub, Brown Bullhead, Yellow Perch, Bluntnose Minnow, Eastern Blacknose Dace, Cisco, Pumpkinseed,Rock Bass, Common Carp, White Sucker
Other Species in Manitouwabing LakeSpiny Water Flea (2000)
MNR Fact Sheet for Manitouwabing Lake - (McKellar)
Notes: E: extirpated, I: introduced – intentional or accidental, O: occasional, R: remnant, S: currently stocked, ?: status uncertain, 2009: year of first record or introduction if known, blank: presumed native
Much of the above data for Manitouwabing Lake is compliments of the Muskoka Water Web maintained by The District Municipality of Muskoka

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Sorry no cottages for sale at the moment on Manitouwabing Lake

Topographic Map of Manitouwabing Lake in McKellar

Topographic Map of Manitouwabing Lake in McKellar

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