Lakes in the Municipality of Kearney

In the District of Parry Sound

WaterFrontNameTownshipSize (ha)Depth (m)Altitude (m)Clarity (m)Crown Land (%)Local NameDrainage Basin
Ayers LakeProudfoot3 Ha2 m427 m m100 %Ayers LakeMagnetawan River
Beaver LakeBethune94 Ha24 m335 m3.10 m20 %Magnetawan River
Blackie LakeBethune5 Ha4 m396 m2.00 m100 %Blackie LakeBig East River
Blue LakeProudfoot8 Ha6 m360 m5.00 m0 %Blue LakeMagnetewan River
Bridge LakeBethune38 Ha7 m434 m1.00 m100 %Big East River
Buck LakeProudfoot96 Ha46 m423 m8.80 m80 %McCann LakeMagnetawan River
Clam LakeBethune71 Ha19 m366 m4.00 m10 %Big Clam LakeMagnetawan River
Emsdale LakeBethune61 Ha22 m367 m6.80 m15 %Island LakeBig East River
Foote LakeBethune127 Ha11 m369 m m40 %Big East River
Frank LakeProudfoot21 Ha5 m366 m2.50 m0 %Frank's LakeNorth Magnetawan River
Grass LakeProudfoot138 Ha37 m372 m5.20 m2 %Sweny LakeMagnetawan River
Groom LakeBethune59 Ha13 m368 m m0 %Lynx lakeMagnetawan River
Hassard LakeBethune50 Ha0 m335 m m0 %Magnetewan River
Himbury LakeProudfoot49 Ha14 m335 m5.00 m40 %Rock LakeMagnetawan River
Island LakeProudfoot130 Ha29 m396 m7.10 m10 %Proudfoot LakeNorth Magnetawan River
Little Clam LakeBethune22 Ha16 m366 m5.00 m0 %Magnetawan River
Long LakeProudfoot180 Ha43 m381 m5.50 m60 %Oliphant LakeMagnetawan River
Loon LakeProudfoot156 Ha29 m412 m6.50 m10 %Pevensey LakeMagnetawan River
Lower Raven LakeProudfoot39 Ha16 m396 m4.60 m30 %Magnetawan River
Mason LakeProudfoot40 Ha14 m396 m3.00 m5 %Cummings LakeMagnetawan River
Morgans LakeBethune30 Ha13 m381 m1.50 m90 %Cuyler LakeBig East River
Perbeth LakeBethune31 Ha5 m343 m3.00 m0 %Fisher LakeMagnetawan River
Perry LakePerry68 Ha13 m335 m2.20 m0 %Magnetawan River
Peters LakeBethune48 Ha13 m396 m3.00 m5 %Magnetawan River
Upper Raven LakeProudfoot22 Ha16 m473 m8.00 m5 %Magnetawan River


Muskoka, Parry Sound, Haliburton


, Algonquin Highlands, Archipelago, Armour, Bracebridge, Carling, Dysart et al, Georgian Bay, Gravenhurst, Haliburton, Huntsville, Joly, Kearney, Lake of Bays, Machar, Magnetawan, McDougall, McKellar, McMurrich, Minden, Monteith, Muskoka Lakes, Parry Sound, Perry, Ryerson, Seguin, Strong, Unincorporated, Unorganized, Whitestone,


, Chaffey, Finlayson, McConkey, McLean, Morrison, Muskoka, Oakley, Ridout, Ryde, Stephenson, Watt, Armour, Baxter, Bethune, Brunel, Burton, Cardwell, Carling, Chaffey, Chapman, Christie, Conger, Cowper, Croft, Draper, East Burpee, Ferguson, Ferrie, Finlayson, Foley, Franklin, Freedmen, Freeman, Georgian Bay, Gibson, Guilford, Hagerman, Harrison, Humphrey, Joly, Laurier, Livingstone, Lount, Macaulay, Macauley, Machar, MacLean, McClintock, McConkey, McDougall, McKellar, McKenzie, McLean, McMurrich, Medora, Minden, Minden Hills, Monck, Monteith, Morrison, Mowat, Muskoka, Oakley, Perry, Proudfoot, Ridout, Ryde, Ryerson, Shawanaga, Sherborne, Sinclair, Spence, Stephenson, Stisted, Strong, Wallbridge, Watt, West Guilford, Wood,

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Marion Wentzel-Reprich

Marion Wentzel-Reprich REALTOR with Bracebridge Realty in Muskoka

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Oliver Reprich is the broker of record of Bracebridge Realty brokerage, based in Bracebridge which is the Heart of Muskoka.

Our area of expertise are waterfront properties and cottages in Muskoka, Parry Sound and Haliburton

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