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Can I park and live in my trailer in Bracebridge

Can my neighbour and I simply agree on the location of the boundary?

My neighbour says my fence is on their land and that I must move it. The fence was already on the property when I bought it 10 years ago. Do I have to move the fence?

What is an encroachment?

Will the government protect my property boundaries?

If I have title insurance, why do I need a survey plan?

How do I know if there's an Easement on my Property?

Why do Easements Exist?

What is an Easement?

What is Adverse Possession?

How Big Should the Room Be To Fit A King Size Bed?

What is MPAC?

Where can I find the zoning bylaws of Bracebridge?

What are the development fees for Building in Bracebridge

Can a condo property manager enter my condo unit without notice? 

Can I withhold my condo fees until urgent repairs are carried out in my unit? 

Special assessments of a Condo Corporation

Reserve fund of a Condo Corporation

Monthly common expense fees of Condo Corporation

Before you buy a condo.

Do you understand responsibilities of owning a condo?

What do I do with my keys when I have sold my property?

When do I get my keys, of the house I purchased?

Did property prices increase in Bracebridge in 2016

Are the snowmobile trails open in Bracebridge?

When is the Fire and Ice Festival in Bracebridge?

Do you qualify for Land Transfer Tax Refunds for First-Time Homebuyers

What qualifies as "finished" basement area?

What does the phrase grandfathered into something mean?

Why do I need to sign a Working with a REALTOR® form?

Will an ultraviolet light filtration system remove E. coli from the water?

Zoning By-Laws of Township of Muskoka Lakes

Can my Sales Representative give me information regarding properties from other companies?

What does it cost as a buyer to use a Sales Representative?

How Big is Lake Muskoka?

The sale of the severed portion of vacant land would not be subject to GST/HST since it is not capital property used primarily (more than 50%) in a business and it is not being sold in the course of a business. However, if the land was subdivided into more than two parts, sales of the severed portions are not exempt unless the portion is sold to a relative (or to a former spouse or common-law partner) for their personal use.

I own a parcel of vacant land that I wish to subdivide into parts in order to sell the parts separately. Does the HST apply to these sales? 

Map of Zoned EP1 Wetlands in Bracebridge

Land Transfer Tax Refund for First-time Homebuyers

What is the Land Transfer Tax Rate in Muskoka?

Why do I need to show my ID when listing my property?

What is FINTRAC?

What are the Property Tax Rates for Bracebridge in 2015

What is phased in Assessed Value?

Is firewood a chattel?

How much firewood is in a face cord?

How much does a face cord of wood cost in Muskoka?

Where can I get my well water tested in Muskoka?

Are sulfur bacteria or hydrogen sulfide harmful?

What causes hydrogen sulfide gas to form in groundwater?

Why Does My Water Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

What is a quitclaim deed?

What are quitclaim deeds used for?

Why do banks not like to finance vacant land?

What's the difference between a real estate agent and a REALTOR®?

What if my offer is rejected?

What's the best way to decide how much to offer for a house?

What is a "Buyer's Agent"?

How can you pay off your mortgage sooner?

Can I use gift funds as a down payment?

Sell with a REALTOR®, or go it alone?

How do I prepare to sell my home?

Should sellers repair defects before selling?

What should I expect from an open house?

What is a home inspection and should I have one done?

Why should I buy a home, instead of renting?

What is title insurance?

Can I ask my REALTOR what commission he will be charging?

What is mortgage loan insurance?

How will child support affect mortgage qualification?

What is a down payment?

What is a Principal Debt?

Why should I list with a small brokerages instead of one of the

Where can I get my well water tested?

Buy first or sell first?

When should you sell?

Is right now a good time to buy?

What if I don't have a building permit before I start?

What can you do if your building application is turned down?

What other things to I need ?

When is a Permit not required?

When is a Demolition Permit required?

When do I need a Septic Permit?

When do I need a Building Permit?

Why do I need a Building Permit?

What is a Building Permit?

Where is the Bracebridge Town Office located?

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