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Oxtongue Lake - (Algonquin Highlands)

Average traveling time from the GTA to Oxtongue Lake - (Algonquin Highlands) is 2 hours 40 mins

Oxtongue Lake Size (median 84 ha)242 ha (598 Acres)
Oxtongue Lake max Depth27 m (89 ft)
Oxtongue Lake median Depth9.00 m (30 ft)
Oxtongue Lake Perimeter21.00 km (13.05 Miles)
Oxtongue Lake Island/s Perimeter1.00 km (0.62 Miles)
Oxtongue Lake Altitude (median 290 m)364 m (1194 ft)
Oxtongue Lake is in the District ofHaliburton
Oxtongue Lake is in the Municipality ofAlgonquin Highlands
Oxtongue Lake is in the Township ofMcClintock
Drainage BasinOxtongue River
Watershed Area feeding the Lake (excluding lake)590.0 km2 (145792 acres)
Water Clarity (median 3.20 m)3.10 m (10ft)
Percentage of Shoreline which is Crown Land10 %
Shoreline Developmentmoderate; commercial, shoreline residential
Public Access to Oxtongue Lakepublic; boat launch off Harris Road
Water Level Managementnot regulated
Major Fish Species in Oxtongue Lake, lake whitefish, , (I), (I 2013), (I 2014) (O)
Other Fish Species in Oxtongue Lakeround whitefish, bluntnose minnow, lake chub, blacknose shiner, , common shiner,northern redbelly dace, creek chub, , fathead minnow, cisco (), (I 2013)
Other Species in Oxtongue Lakespiny water flea (I 2010)
MNR Fact Sheet for Oxtongue Lake - (Algonquin Highlands)
Notes: E: extirpated, I: introduced – intentional or accidental, O: occasional, R: remnant, S: currently stocked, ?: status uncertain, 2009: year of first record or introduction if known, blank: presumed native
Much of the above data for Oxtongue Lake is compliments of the Muskoka Water Web maintained by The District Municipality of Muskoka

Topographic Map of Oxtongue Lake in Algonquin Highlands

Topographic Map of Oxtongue Lake in Algonquin Highlands

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