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Boshkung Lake - (Algonquin Highlands)

Boshkung Lake, also known by its historic name Lake Boshkung, or affectionately as 'Big Boshkung', is a lake in the township of Algonquin Highlands, Haliburton County in Central Ontario, Canada. It is located near Buttermilk Falls, has been a common cottage and recreation destination with a rich history that includes logging, children's camps, camping, and even some farming activities.

Average traveling time from the GTA to Boshkung Lake - (Algonquin Highlands) is 2 hours 21 mins

Boshkung Lake Size (median 84 ha)715 ha (1767 Acres)
Boshkung Lake max Depth71 m (233 ft)
Boshkung Lake Altitude (median 290 m)307 m (1007 ft)
Boshkung Lake is in the District ofHaliburton
Boshkung Lake is in the Municipality ofAlgonquin Highlands
Drainage BasinGull River
Water Clarity (median 3.20 m)5.00 m (16ft)
Public Access to Boshkung LakeBoshkung Lake is located 2 miles north of Carnarvon on Hwy 35. Boat launching sites are located at all tourist lodges
Major Fish Species in Boshkung LakeLake trout, , , , , , , lake whitefish, , , , , common shiner, bluntnose minnow and creek chub.
Notes: E: extirpated, I: introduced – intentional or accidental, O: occasional, R: remnant, S: currently stocked, ?: status uncertain, 2009: year of first record or introduction if known, blank: presumed native
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