Zoning By Laws in the Municipality of Parry Sound

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Official Name: Town of Parry Sound

Telephone#: 7057462101

Address: 52 Seguin Street, Parry Sound, ON, P2A 1B4

Parry Sound by law: RR Zoning– Rural Residential

Parry Sound by law: O1 Zoning - Open Space 1

Parry Sound by law: RU Zoning - Rural

Parry Sound by law: EP Zoning - Environmental Protection Zone

Census Data of Parry Sound

  • 2016 Population of Parry Sound: 6,408

  • 2011 Population of Parry Sound : 6,198

  • Population Growth of Parry Sound : 3 %

  • Total private dwellings in Parry Sound : 3,150

  • Dwellings by residents in Parry Sound : 2,926

  • Density of Parry Sound : 2,926 per sq km

  • Land Area of Parry Sound: 2,926 sq km

Short Term Rental Restrictions in Parry Sound

  • Some Restriction - Data updated

  • there are provisions saying how close AirBnbs can be to each other