Can I build a boat house on my property on Wood Lake in Bracebridge?

Yes, if it complies with the following regulations:

  • A boat port where the roof is capable of being used for a deck or a single storey boathouse is only permitted to extend from, be adjacent to or located on a lot with a minimum lot frontage of 30 metres.
  • The minimum setback from a side lot line and the 30 m extension of a side lot line is:  9 m for a single storey boathouse or two storey boathouses.
  • Boathouses and boat ports may not project more than 15 metres from the high-water mark.
  • A boat port, single storey boathouse or two storey boathouse shall not be used for human habitation with the exception of the second storey of a two storey boathouse which may be used as a sleeping cabin. **
  • The height of a boat port or single storey boathouse is a maximum of 5.0 m.
  • The height of a two-storey boathouse is a maximum of 7 m. A two-storey boathouse which has a floor area above the first floor with a ceiling height of more than 2.0 metres cannot exceed a maximum floor area of 37 m2


** - Additional rules and regulations

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