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Which Colours to paint your home when you’re thinking of Selling?

Which Colours to paint your home when you’re thinking of Selling?

Every colour has its place, especially when you’re painting your home — inside and out. The wrong colour can however make a room feel claustrophobic, overly energetic or even gloomy. Worse than that - it can reduce the resale value of your home.

Kitchen Colors

White kitchen updates have been all the rage recently, but they aren’t lasting. Although white kitchens seem shiny and new in pictures, they’re a headache (and a pain in the arm!) to keep clean. Gray-blues on the walls of your kitchen can make your home sell easier. Homes with bold accent colored cabinets– especially navy and red colored ones– can sell faster and for more money than those without.

Red, especially dark and bright reds should be avoided at all cost in kitchens. Although red stimulates the appetite, saturated reds can overwhelm people and drain the enjoyment out of cooking and eating. Blues in kitchens, which are high traffic zones, can be a real downer as they can be quite sombre. Try not to use browns as they are usually constricting and overbearing in rooms where you cook, eat and socialize.

Bathroom Colors

Homes that featured light blue  in their bathrooms, which is where we relax and rejuvenate, can have a positive impact on home value and the nautical-themed bathroom just might be making a comeback!

Bedroom Colors

Statistics show that rooms painted a matte soft cerulean and paired with blue with white baseboards and staged with natural woods for added appeal can work really well. Deep blues in the bedroom can help improve sleep.

Living Room Colors

For your living rooms, get out your light beiges and gray-brown. It will help the room feel more cozy and welcoming. Accent the beige with a white fireplace and baseboards for a clean, comfortable feel. You may even decide to use some natural woods to add to the feel of the room. Brown also works in living rooms, where comfort and warmth serve us best. Darker browns go well as anchors closer to the ground — in flooring and large furniture.

Dining Room Colors

For the dining room, err more on the gray side of blue. It gives the room a more formal and stately feel and instantly updates the space. As with the living room, white baseboards and furnishings will make for a clean contrast to the color of the room.

Stay away from the color taupe.


Exterior House Colors

Make sure you don’t forget the exterior of your home. It is the first impression that often makes or breaks the deal. Yellow seems to be the color that keeps buyers away, so go for taupe, grey or blue colors.

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