Zoning By Laws in the Municipality of Carling

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Official Name: Township of Carling

Telephone#: 7053425856

Address: 2 West Carling Bay Rd Nobel, ON P0G 1G0

Carling by law: WF1 Zoning – Waterfront Residential 1

Carling by law: WF3 Zoning – Waterfront Residential 3

Carling by law: OS Zoning - Open Space

Carling by law: WF2 Zoning – Waterfront Residential 2

Carling by law: RU Zoning - Rural

Census Data of Carling

  • 2016 Population of Carling: 1,125

  • 2011 Population of Carling : 1,248

  • Population Growth of Carling : -11 %

  • Total private dwellings in Carling : 2,283

  • Dwellings by residents in Carling : 499

  • Density of Carling : 499 per sq km

  • Land Area of Carling: 499 sq km

Short Term Rental Restrictions in Carling

  • Not permitted - Data updated

  • Short term rentals of dwellings for 30 days or less (as decided by the courts) is considered a commercial activity and is a contravention of the Township of Carling’s Comprehensive Zoning By-law C500-2011. Such activity is PROHIBITED unless you are within a Tourist Commercial (C2) Zone. The By-law Department will act on all complaints with regard to this matter.

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