Bracebridge By Law: OS3 Zoning - Open Space 3

The Town of Bracebridge is in the District of Muskoka - 1000 Taylor Court, Bracebridge, ON P1L 1R6 - 705 645-5264

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Permitted uses:

  • Public Park

Lot Requirements:

  • Minimum Lot Frontage 0 m
  • Minimum Lot Area 0 m2
  • Maximum Lot Coverage 10%
  • Maximum Height 9 m

Minimum Yard Requirements:

  • Front Yard 7.5 m
  • Interior Side Yard 7.5 m
  • Exterior Side Yard 7.5 m
  • Rear Yard 7.5 m

Minimum Setback from Centerline Road:

  • 26 m if Provincial
  • 20.5 m if District
  • 17.5 m if other

Please note this information provided is to be used as a guideline only, and may have been updated and or changed by the municipality.Consult the Municipality directly to get up to date and property specific zoning information. We at Bracebridge Realty are neither Town Planners nor Attorneys

Population statistics for Town of Bracebridge

Population in 20169,232
Population in 20119,030
Population Growth2.24 %
Total private dwellings4,234 Private Dwellings
Dwellings by residents4,062 Residential Dwellins
Density per sq km690 per km2
Land area sq km13 km2