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Palette Lake - (Huntsville)

Average traveling time from the GTA to Palette Lake - (Huntsville) is 2 hours 13 mins

Lake Size (median 84 ha)15 ha (37 Acres)
Lake max Depth12 m (39 ft)
Lake median Depth3.00 m (10 ft)
Lake Perimeter2.30 km (1 Miles)
Lake Island/s Perimeter0.20 km (0 Miles)
Local NameRound Lake
Drainage BasinLittle East River
Phosphorus content in water (median 8.50 ug/L)11.30 ug/L
Watershed Area feeding the Lake (excluding lake)0.6 km2 (148 acres)
Lake Trout found in LakeNo
Water Clarity (median 3.20 m)3.80 m (12ft)
Shoreline Developmenthigh; shoreline residential
Public Accessprivate
Water Level Managementnot regulated
Major Fish Species in Lakesmallmouth bass (I), yellow perch
Other Fish Species in Lakewhite sucker, pumpkinseed, bluntnose minnow, creek chub
MNR Fact Sheet for Palette Lake - (Huntsville)
MNR Data Sheet for Palette Lake - (Huntsville)
Notes: E: extirpated, I: introduced – intentional or accidental, O: occasional, R: remnant, S: currently stocked, ?: status uncertain, 2009: year of first record or introduction if known, blank: presumed native
Much of the above data is compliments of the Muskoka Water Web maintained by The District Municipality of Muskoka

Cottages for Sale on Palette Lake - (Huntsville)

Sorry no cottages for sale at the moment on Palette Lake (Huntsville)

Topographical Map of Palette Lake

Topographical Map of Palette Lake -

Cadastral Map Palette Lake

Cadastral Map Palette Lake -

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