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Bevan Lake - (Perry)

Lake Size (median 84 ha)5 ha (12 Acres)
Lake max Depth9 m (30 ft)
Lake median Depth5.00 m (16 ft)
Lake Perimeter1.00 km (1 Miles)
Lake Altitude (median 290 m)351 m (1152 ft)
DistrictParry Sound
Local NameBevanís Lake
Drainage BasinMagnetawan River
Water Clarity (median 3.20 m)2.00 m (7ft)
Shoreline Developmentlow; shoreline residential
Public Accessprivate
Water Level Managementnot regulated
Major Fish Species in Lakeyellow perch, brook trout (?)
Other Fish Species in Lakebrown bullhead
MNR Fact Sheet for Bevan Lake - (Perry)
Notes: E: extirpated, I: introduced ‚Äď intentional or accidental, O: occasional, R: remnant, S: currently stocked, ?: status uncertain, 2009: year of first record or introduction if known, blank: presumed native
Much of the above data is compliments of the Muskoka Water Web maintained by The District Municipality of Muskoka

Cottages for Sale on Bevan Lake - (Perry)

Sorry no cottages for sale at the moment on Bevan Lake (Perry)

Bevan Lake Cadastral Map

Bevan Lake Cadastral Map - Bevan Lake

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